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Brand Overview

Broadband Consultants is a boutique Telecom Agency providing access to all forms of internet services across the United States. BBC offers the latest technologies and provides solutions for satisfying clients individual needs. BBC allows businesses to keep the focus of their day-to-day business operations while they take on the legwork out of provisioning new services.

Broadband consultants website redesign wordpress 1g media

The Brief

Broadband Consultants was looking to redesign and develop its website in order to better reflect the clean branding and clean products on its site. the new design needed to raise the standard of user experience (UX) across the whole site. BBC’s new aeasthetic is modern, and sophisticated, and the customer’s user journey needed to reflect this on the site. The main Conversion important for the brand was setting up Consultation phone calls, and this was a natural results of the detailed UX imporants on the site. Ultimately, the site is simple and user friendly, creating the perfect user experience and increasing the chance of taking on new clients who need internet services.

Broadband consults also needed a custom Geoquoting integration to serve its customer base across the U.S. This technical integration was achieved as we developed the website.

Broadband Consultants Telecom Agency Web Design Case study

Our Approach

For Broadband Consultants requirements, WordPress was an obvious solution. Trusted hosting provided 99.99% uptime which was important for the brand that already had a lead gen strategy producing a high customer base and infinite scalability necessary for BBC’s growth. The site was designed to reflect BBC’s clean aesthetic, branding, and ethos.

It was important for BBC to have a full range of Telecom services displayed across the site, and that the customer journey as seamless as possible. It was also a chance to rewrite the content on the website and introduce a blog content strategy for SEO.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

The increased conversion rate was a core requirement for Broadband Consultants site, and this went hand-in-hand with the user interface and user experience upgrades. Clear service offerings and accessible call to actions were the main priority. In addition, there was a focus on converting leads to fill out a Geoquote software to help users identify the cost of internet in their local area. There are several points on the website that points to this quoting page. In addition, for this business, their ideal customer may range from enterprise to small businesses. So each demographic could potentially be segmented throughout the blog.

Broadband consultants website redesign wordpress 1g media


Broadband Consultants offers intelligent private network services that enable enterprises to communicate over the internet. Stripping back the home page was important to highlight the Geoquote form, the main Call to action. Making the signup experience seamless for customers. As a result, an increased chance of data captures and cleaned up the homepage. The navigation was also simplified to allow the customer to browse the site intuitively and phone calls when necessary.

The site has no UX rabbit holes (Journeys that end up with a customer getting stuck on a particular page, without an obvious out). this reduces a customer chance of bouncing off the site whilst continually showing related products and additional helpful content.

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